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Tueday Morning Senior Men's

Tuesday Morning Senior Men’s | 9:00 AM & 11:15 AM Draws

A social  league open to all curlers 50 years and older (as of June 30). This league is split into two full sessions to accommodate snowbirds. The fall session runs from October to mid-December, and winter session runs from January to March. Registered curlers submit their desired positions and the executive draws up teams for each session.


Senior Men’s League Curling League

1.    The Senior Men’s League is a social league which consists of individual curlers who are assigned to teams twice a year; once in the fall and once in the winter, by the League Executive.

2.    The League Members shall elect the League Executive (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) at the year-end Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March of each year. The Executive will have the authority to run the league.  Any two of the 3 officers must sign official documents.

a.    The President leads the League Executive and represents the league at the Okotoks Curling Club Board of Directors meetings.  He is the league contact and chairs the AGM.

b.    The Secretary handles all email communication to league members, is the league’s draw master and records the AGM minutes.

c.    The treasurer runs the league’s financial matters.  He collects dues and pays league fees to the Okotoks curling club.  He prepares financial reports for the AGM.  He chairs the finance review committee which consists of two members from the general membership.

Rules – 2019


1.    The Okotoks Senior Men's Curling League will follow the curling rules as set out in the current version (2018 -- 2022) of the Canadian Curling Association “Curling Canada Rules of Curling” and any modifications to them by the Okotoks Curling Club Board of Directors.

2.    The rules for Senior Men’s League curling should reflect the consensus of the membership; approved at the League’s AGM; and subsequently made available in written form to all curling members at the commencement of league play.

3.    Following Canadian Curling Association’s Rule Book Change: Rule 23(1)(g) (effective May 1, 2018) Seniors are defined as “Fifty (50) years of age or older on June 30th in the year…”

4.    Your league fees entitle the league to two and a half hours of ice time. Please limit practice to no more than four rocks and fifteen minutes prior to starting time. The Club has adopted the following as part of its new policies:

“All Adult league games are eight ends. The duration of a game is expected to be no more than 2 hours and 15 minutes. All draws will be subject to a “warning” buzzer at 1 hour and 40 minutes after the starting time. Teams complete the end they are in plus one more end. An end is considered completed when the last rock of an end crosses the near tee line in the player’s delivery.”

5.    If league (lack of) participation requires, the League Executive may form three (3) player teams.

6.    With respect to substitution (spares):

a.    Members requiring a substitute (spare) will be responsible for finding one for the game(s) they will miss.

b.    Substitutes (spares) must have paid their $60 Okotoks Curling Club membership fee which may change from time to time and, if they are only on the club spare list, must have indicated their willingness to spare in the Senior Men’s League. 

c.    Substitution will follow the Canadian Curling Association Rule Book Section 5 unless Rule 5 above has been enacted by the League Executive. 

This implies for the Senior Men’s Curling League:

                                          i.    that substitutes (spares) may play at any position if the rotation is stated to the other team prior to starting a game, otherwise the substitute (spare) will play lead or in the case of two substitutions (spares); lead and second.

                                        ii.    When selecting substitutes (spares), teams should give preference to those players from teams who have a bye. Then contact those listed on the current published Senior Men’s League Spare List.

                                       iii.    A regular (4 player) team that has more than two substitution (spare) players for any game shall forfeit the game.

                                       iv.    The League Executive designated regular (3 player) team as per Rule 5 above that has more than three substitution(spare) players for any game shall forfeit the game.

7.    Any concerns or grievances of interpretation of rules should be directed to Club President.

8.    The League Executive respectfully asks all players that would like to throw a few rocks before games, do so on a sheet of ice other than the one they will play on game day,

9.     These rules will be modified from time to time by the Senior Men’s League Executive when the Canadian Curling Association issues a new Rule Book or the Okotoks Curling Club issues new Policies and Guidelines, so the Okotoks Senior’s Men Curling League is complying.







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